Project Overview

TBA at a glance

Who we are

Turbo Battle Arena (TBA) is a blockchain game and metaverse project attacking the PC and mobile eSports crowd. We’re a 2D platform battling game based on the playing style of classics like Super Mario, Contra, and Metroid. Players fight against each other in games of 2 to 100 players to earn a piece of the reward pool. The game engine was custom developed by the Ka Labs gaming studio who continue to develop in-house for TBA Games.
We believe gaming is what will ignite mass adoption of Web3 technology. Legacy companies like Atari, GameStop, EA Sports, and Ubisoft are already entering the blockchain gaming market. At the same time, high level employees and creative directors from AAA studios are starting their own companies looking to leverage NFT technology and blockchain compatibility into new projects. This is a market poised to erupt.
Our core team is a small group of founders with a diverse array of experience in Web3, gaming, small business and software development, and communications. With an in-house game studio at Ka Labs and the incubation services of Hourglass ($WAIT), we're poised to attack the Web3 gaming space. We came together from across the globe with the idea of creating an engaging and fun game we would all want to play ourselves. The decision to include blockchain integration came from recognizing a burgeoning market that would allow true asset ownership for gamers and a mechanism for an independent studio to compete with the major players in the gaming market.

What we're building

Turbo Battle Arena is powered by the $TBA token. It will be required as the gateway to our win-to-earn play system where skillful gameplay is rewarded with our in-game currency Eggs. Those eggs can then be withdrawn onto the blockchain to be traded or sold like any other Web3 token. In our game, players battle against each other in fast-paced Team Deathmatch or Battle Royale style competitions. Each game will cost a certain amount of Eggs that will go into a reward pool where the top players at the end of each competition will receive a portion from that pool. The highest ranking players receive the most Eggs with the top half of all participants receiving at least some of the pool.
Our game demo is currently playable on PC for Windows and Mac, as well as Android mobile, with development ongoing for iPhone. The first iteration of gameplay is already in public beta testing on testnet. At mainnet launch, players will use NFT characters with unique traits integrated into the game with different profiles, armor, and weapon builds. The first season NFT designs feature popular internet and Web3 characters seen in memes shared across social media.
A player will enter the game through the TBA metaverse and explore for treasures, meet other players to chat or battle, ride in cars, tanks, and helicopters, and also choose their preferred game type. The initial launch will feature two world themes on our custom game engine: Retro World and Meme Arena. Retro World will feature simple 8-bit pixel platforms and art that are more familiar to fans of the side-scroller platformers from the NES and SNES era. Meme Arena is an anime-style 2D environment that more closely matches the typical art styles of popular NFT projects. Both worlds allow for Battle Royale and Team Deathmatch games where the top players leave with the largest share of rewards.
Looking to the future, we are already well into development of a custom character builder, which will allow you to create the perfect look for your in-game avatar. Players will be able to have their character integrated into their account for a fee of $TBA tokens or the purchase of an ArenaPass. Our goal is for users to mint these custom characters as NFTs to list for sale on the open market. Creative-minded users who may not want to play for rewards can still enjoy our platform through the character creator or our drag-and-drop level builder. There will be opportunity to earn tokens through use of these custom levels by other players. A game marketplace will allow purchase of game packs, weapons, vehicles, time boosters (to repair damaged armor and weapons), as well as loot box keys and a character rental system. In order to encourage token stability, $TBA holders will be able to stake their tokens in order to receive a portion of fees collected from NFT sales and in-game purchases and to participate in governance decisions about the creative direction of the project. They will also be eligible for periodic airdrops of $TBA tokens, NFTs, weapons, skins, and more. The amount of rewards available will be based on the amount of tokens staked as well as the length of time staked to allow small holders to compete with the whales and to reward our most loyal community members.
Later updates will continue to expand on the game play, more solo campaigns, levels, character skins, and allow for more communities to integrate their NFTs and IP through our GameFi-as-a-Service model. Plus we have plans for guild creation, the aforementioned ArenaPass, and more robust advertising inside the game to provide additional revenue to support development.
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